Genecast Biotechnology Obtains Qualification for NGS Detection

On September 5, Genecast (Wuxi) Precision Medicine Diagnostic Laboratory was awarded the Jiangsu Center for Clinical Laboratories’ “Certificate for NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) Detection of Tumor-related Genes”—another great achievement arising from existing technology. Genecast’s PCR laboratory was certified as competent for the detection of gene mutation related to tumors based on NGS and the conventional ARMS approach, with tissues, blood and other body fluids as acceptable sample types.

This new qualification demonstrates Genecast’s competency in NGS technology as well as medical laboratory quality management. It signifies Genecast’s first-class detection standards and excellence in quality assurance. It also authoritatively certifies Genecast with a compliance-based qualification in tumor-related gene detection.

Prior to its certification by the Jiangsu Center for Clinical Laboratories, Jiangsu Commission of Health, Genecast Biotechnology had been accredited by America’s CAP (College of American Pathologists). It has regularly participated in EQAs carried out by quality-assessment institutions both in China and abroad. It achieved excellent results in EQAs for relevant mutation detection, carried out by the European Molecular Genetics Quality Network (EMQN), National Center for Clinical Laboratories (NCCL) and Shanghai Center for Clinical Laboratory (SCCL), among other authoritative organizations.