Biopharma Partnerships

At present, the company has established extensive,in-depth and long-term cooperative relationships with many hospitals, and researches on multiple cancers such as lung cancer, colorectal cancer and gynecological tumors. 

The research direction covers the screening of early tumor markers and the prognosis, evaluation, tumor heterogeneity molecular classification and other fields, and achieved fruitful results.    

Cancer Genetics

Biopharma Partnerships

We are a leading provider of diagnostic and testing services to pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Our laboratories have met all applicable standards for accreditation, including accreditation from CAP, and have earned top marks in a number of external quality assessments carried out by CAP, EMQN, the Clinical Test Center of the National Health Commission of China and the Center of Clinical Laboratories of Shanghai.

We strive to provide our customers with high-quality, streamlined one-stop testing services.  

Globally, we have formed a strategic partnership with Interpace Biosciences (NASDAQ: IDXG) to offer seamless services to global pharmas for their cross-border multi-center trials.