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At present, the company has established extensive, in-depth and long-term cooperative relationships with many hospitals, and researches on multiple cancers such as lung cancer, colorectal cancer and gynecological tumors. The research direction covers the screening of early tumor markers and the prognosis. evaluation, tumor heterogeneity molecular classification and other fields, and

achieved fruitful results.

Genecast CRC

Genecast CRC is our NGS-based test for multi-gene mutation detection of colorectal cancer. 

Genecast CRC detects SNVs, Indels, fusions, CNVs and MSI. It also detects eight genes related to targeted therapy and one gene related to chemotherapy, and 70 simple sequence repeat (“SSR”) sites to determine MSI status in DNA extracted from FFPE tissue samples and ctDNA from liquid biopsy samples. 

It combines genetic testing by sequencing the DNA or ctDNA with analysis against a proprietary database and algorithm, to determine gene mutations and provides the most effective targeted therapy or chemotherapy recommendation for the patient.

The table below summarizes the NCCN recommended colorectal cancer therapy guideline based on the detection of nine types of genetic mutations associated with colorectal cancer tested by Genecast CRC.