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To meet physicians and patients’ needs, we are one of the few companies to successfully build a comprehensive and multi-dimensional product and service portfolio targeting over 20 cancer types covering the entire cycle of cancer early detection and screening, diagnosis, treatment selection and monitoring.    

Genecast Genius G1

Genecast Genius G1 is our automated sample processing system designed to integrate NGS library preparation and target enrichment workflows for NGS sequencing for both tumor tissue and cell free DNA samples. 

It adopts an integrated design with a pre-installed high-precision pipetting system, PCR instrument, constant temperature/oscillation and other functional modules. 

Through the four core technologies of multi-functional robotic arm and moving plate technology, precise liquid level sensing/detection technology, pipetting head loaded with disposable tips, and dual protection design of emergency button and safety door, Genecast Genius G1 provides customers with stable testing results. 

According to Frost & Sullivan, Genecast Genius G1 is the first product in China that is capable of working with both amplicon enrichment-based NGS and hybridization capture-based NGS procedures for targeted sequencing.

Genecast Genius G1 is fully automated from NGS library preparation to sequencing. 

Compatible sample types are tissue and plasma for cancer and compatible test methods are hybrid-capture library construction and amplicon library construction. 

It has the maximum throughout of 32 libraries and typically completes library construction within merely 7 hours. 

Under high speed condition, it can issue a report within 24 hours from example extraction pursuant to the instruction book. 

It is designed to effectively reduce labor and laboratory operation costs through automation, and comprehensively improve the overall work efficiency and operational stability of the laboratory.