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To meet physicians and patients’ needs, we are one of the few companies to successfully build a comprehensive and multi-dimensional product and service portfolio targeting over 20 cancer types covering the entire cycle of cancer early detection and screening, diagnosis, treatment selection and monitoring.    

Genecast Lung TILs

Genecast Lung TILs is our digital pathology and proprietary multiplex immunohistochemistry (“mIHC”)-based immunoassay, which provides high precision, panoramic tumor microenvironment analysis for immunotherapy support for patients with lung cancer.

Genecast Lung TILs separates patients into four immunotyping categories based on tumor immunity in the microenvironment (“TIME”) classification principle. 

Using mIHC technology, Genecast Lung TILs stains FFPE tissue samples of lung cancer patients to detect multiple markers and measure the immune response at the tumor site. 

It can simultaneously perform quantitative, positioning, qualitative, and comprehensive and objective evaluation of tumor immune microenvironment testing. 

Based on the data collected from the digital scans of stained FFPE tissue samples and assessment of the tumor microenvironment through bioinformatics analysis using our mIHC platform, Genecast Lung TILs accurately predicts the efficacy of immune checkpoint inhibitors (“ICI”).

  • Competitive Advantages

Genecast Lung TILs has the following advantages:

  • Comprehensive assessment: Genecast Lung TILs provides comprehensive assessment of the tumor immune microenvironment through (i) spatial mapping of key subsets of immune cell in the tumor area, (ii) quantification of key immune cell subsets and (iii) qualitative localization assessment of multiple biomarkers which activate or inhibit cell functions.

  • Precise and effective: Genecast Lung TILs predicts ICI efficacy with more accuracy compared to immunohistochemistry (“IHC”) detection of PD-L1 and evaluation of TMB status through DNA sequencing.

  • Small sample requirement: Only five sections of FFPE samples are required to perform Genecast Lung TILs.