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To meet physicians and patients’ needs, we are one of the few companies to successfully build a comprehensive and multi-dimensional product and service portfolio targeting over 20 cancer types covering the entire cycle of cancer early detection and screening, diagnosis, treatment selection and monitoring.    

Genecast BRCA

Genecast BRCA is our NGS-based test for detecting BRCA1/2 gene mutation for breast cancer, ovarian cancer and pancreatic cancer. 

Genecast BRCA sequences exons and splicing regions of the BRCA1/2 gene in DNA extracted from blood cell samples and oral swab samples. 

It combines genetic testing by sequencing the DNA of blood cell samples or oral swab samples with analysis against international authoritative databases and our proprietary algorithm, to provide a targeted therapy recommendation as well as cancer risk assessment for patients based on American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (“ACMG”) and NCCN guidelines.