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At present, the company has established extensive, in-depth and long-term cooperative relationships with many hospitals, and researches on multiple cancers such as lung cancer, colorectal cancer and gynecological tumors. The research direction covers the screening of early tumor markers and the prognosis. evaluation, tumor heterogeneity molecular classification and other fields, and

achieved fruitful results.

Genecast Glioma

Genecast Glioma is our NGS-based test for multi-gene mutation detection of glioma. 

Genecast Glioma detects 1p/19q co-deletion, DNA methylation of the O-6-Methylguanine-DNA Methyltransferase (“MGMT”) gene, fusions, Indels and SNP in 75 genes associated with glioma, including eight SNP sites in six genes associated with the effectiveness and toxic side effects risk assessment of chemotherapy. 

It combines genetic testing by sequencing the DNA of FFPE tissue samples with analysis against our proprietary database and 1p19q analysis algorithm, to determine gene mutations and provides molecular classification of glioma, the most effective targeted therapy recommendation, genetic susceptibility risk assessment, chemotherapy sensitivity assessment and chemotherapy drug effectiveness and toxic side effects assessment for patients with glioma.