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To meet physicians and patients’ needs, we are one of the few companies to successfully build a comprehensive and multi-dimensional product and service portfolio targeting over 20 cancer types covering the entire cycle of cancer early detection and screening, diagnosis, treatment selection and monitoring.    

Genecast PD-L1

Genecast PD-L1, our therapy selection and IHC-based assay LDT service, which uses either Ventana PD-L1 (SP142) or Dako PD-L1 (22C3) monoclonal antibody kit to provide protein detection reports for PD-L1, PD-1 and four types of deficiencies in mismatch repair (“MMR”) in multiple types of solid tumors. 

It uses normal human tonsil tissue as positive and negative controls and has high sensitivity and good repeatability for detecting PD-L1, PD-1 and four types of deficiencies in MMR proteins. 

We provide Genecast PD-L1 as our LDT services under our central laboratory business model. 

Genecast PD-L1 can be tested in combination with Genecast Comprehensive.