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To meet physicians and patients’ needs, we are one of the few companies to successfully build a comprehensive and multi-dimensional product and service portfolio targeting over 20 cancer types covering the entire cycle of cancer early detection and screening, diagnosis, treatment selection and monitoring.    

Genecast INTEGRO V1.0

Genecast INTEGRO V1.0 is our fully automated bioinformatics analysis machine including cancer gene detection data management software, which provides a one-stop service platform for oncology NGS laboratories. 

It analyzes data generated from genetic tests, generates clinical reports and provides report interpretation. 

Genecast INTEGRO V1.0 integrates data management, bioinformatics analysis, results display, and report interpretation, and meets the clinical application requirements of cancer genetic testing for quality control management, analysis speed and report interpretation of external data generated from genetic tests. 

The analysis of a single sample can be completed within 0.5-1.5 hours to complete the whole process of a batch of sequencing data from disassembly to automatic report issuance. 

The bioinformatics analysis process has been verified by large-scale clinical samples, and it has passed over 100 authoritative laboratory quality assessments with full marks. 

Various bioinformatics quality control indicators provide the guarantee for high-quality analysis results and reports. 

Genecast INTEGRO V1.0 includes our tumor gene detection data management software, which is designed to manage and analyze the sequencing data generated from sequencers. 

It can automatically produce analysis reports to help improve the efficiency of data processing and physicians’ diagnosis. 

We received a Class II medical device registration certificate from Jiangsu MPA for our cancer gene detection data management software of Genecast INTEGRO V1.0 in November 2021.