Genecast Biotechnology Wins “EY Fudan China the Most Promising Enterprises Award”

The winners of the “2019 EY Fudan China the Most Promising Enterprises Award” have been announced. Genecast Biotechnology—with its superiority for developments in precision treatment of tumors and its influence on the entire industry—stood out among the participating companies, winning the award following a process of fierce competition and professional, authoritative selection.

The “EY Fudan China the Most Promising Enterprises Award” is a joint activity with Ernst & Young and School of Management, Fudan University, with its nine years of history. The award aims to identify future leaders of strategic industries in China while they are in their early stages of enterprise development, as well as to measure the integrated strength of promising companies characterized by “desirable growth, sustainable development, national and international development, and evident competitive edges.” Non-listed Chinese companies demonstrating excellence in performance and potential for continual high-speed growth are selected following public solicitation. The purpose of the award is to discover future leaders of China’s strategic industries in order to help those in the capital market learn about outstanding startups in China and provide support for their rapid growth. Among winners of the award over the years, approximately ten have already grown into unicorn enterprises.