At present, the company has established extensive, in-depth and long-term cooperative relationships with many hospitals, and researches on multiple cancers such as lung cancer, colorectal cancer and gynecological tumors. The research direction covers the screening of early tumor markers and the prognosis. evaluation, tumor heterogeneity molecular classification and other fields, and

achieved fruitful results.

Genecast CRC

NGS tumor profiling panel for colorectal cancer.

Relationship between cancer treatment and genetic testing

  • ctDNA liquid biopsy can reflect tumor gene mutation information more comprehensively.

  • ctDNA liquid biopsy can reflect current characteristic and progress of tumor more comprehensively.

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Tissue biopsy will only detect limited subtypes of tumor because of tumor heterogeneity. ctDNA liquid biopsy can analyze molecular types of tumor more comprehensively.

Clinical Evidences

5 genes recommended in the NCCN guideline for the treatment of colorectal cancer

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Advantages and characteristics

Genecast CRC® is a product tailored for Colorectal cancer patients.

Genecast CRC® provides gene testing by next generation sequencing (NGS) method with peripheral blood or tissue sample.

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Advanced detection techniques to ensure accurate and reliable data

  • Advanced detection techniques to ensure accurate and reliable data

  • Compnehensive probe design with high uniformity capture efficiency.

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Researchers from Comprehensive Cancer Center of the Ohio State University have compared these two capturing sequencing methods, SeqCap and HaloPlex. The results show that coverage of SeqCap has lower standard deviation with more uniform and stable captures. Hence, all drug-related loci will be covered.