At present, the company has established extensive, in-depth and long-term cooperative relationships with many hospitals, and researches on multiple cancers such as lung cancer, colorectal cancer and gynecological tumors. The research direction covers the screening of early tumor markers and the prognosis. evaluation, tumor heterogeneity molecular classification and other fields, and

achieved fruitful results.


MammaPrint® is the only FDA510(k) cleared breast cancer recurrence assay backed by Level 1A medical evidence, from a randomized, prospective phase III clinical trial. Unlike other tests, you are given definitive Low Risk and High Risk results, eliminating the uncertainty of an indeterminate or intermediate risk score which can affect from 39% to 67% of patients tested with other genomic assays. 

MammaPrint® can help reduce overtreatment with chemotherapy by reclassifying 46% of traditional high risk patients as Low Risk, who are then able to safely forego chemotherapy. A Low Risk result doesn't guarantee thay your cancer will not recur, and a High Risk result doesn't guarantee that your cancer will. These results, in addition to all other factors help you and your doctor make the most appropriate breast cancer treatment decisions, backed by the highest level of medical evidence.

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Recommended in international breast cancer clinical practice guidelines.

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MammaPrint® is a 70-Gene expression test that interrogates all seven critical genomic pathways associated with breast cancer metastasis, from tumor growth and proliferation through adaptation to a microenvironment at a secondary site. 

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