Precision Diagnosis and Treatment for Cancer

——Protein Detection for Solid Tumors PD-L1 / PD-1 and Mismatch Repair
Indications: Solid tumors

Strict QC

Paidiwan follows standard system by using Ventana PD-L1 monoclonal antibody kit from Roche.

Paidiwan uses human tonsil tissue as positive and negative control.

High sensitivity and good repeatability of testing.

Inspection requirements

  • Better sensitivity and specificity

    Applicable population: all solid tumor patients

  • Specimen requirements

    10 unstained slides (Fresh Frozen, FFPE) from Department of pathology in the hospital. Use anti-stripping slices only

    Acceptable Samples: FFPE blocks of surgical tissue samples, puncture tissue samples, pleural effusion sediment samples, ascites sediment samples

    All samples must have corresponding official pathological reports

  • Non-acceptable samples

    Tissue sections already stained

    Tissue sections ruptured

  • Detection TAT

    Fresh Frozen,7days

    FFPE blocks 10  days

Protein Detection Reports for PD-L1 / PD-1 and MMR

Detection Results

Notes: +: positive; -: negative; + (<1%) (example): Positive (The number of positive cells in the total number of immune cells is less than 1%); /: No official standard, only for research.

Photos of results

PD-L1 interpretation standards in the report

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