Precision Diagnosis and Treatment for Cancer

Talent Recruitment

We are dedicated to attracting the best talent by providing every employee with an excellent career development platform and an outstanding work environment. We ensure every employee receives equal opportunity in recruitment, remuneration, development and promotion.

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  • Our Vision

    We are committed to being a leader in the improvement of cancer treatment

  • Our Mission

    To transform cancer treatment by providing the most accurate diagnosis and treatment and to become the most trusted partner for patients and physicians

  • Our Value

    Pursuit of excellence, embracing of empathy, upholding of social responsibility


At Genecast, we want the best people possible. So in order to attract, motivate and retain such valued people, we offer competitive compensation and benefits.


Remuneration at Genecast is comprehensive. Not only do employees receive extremely competitive salaries, they are also rewarded with bonuses and stock options.

Additionally, we also provide employees with full support, training and long-term career development. Employees can enjoy flexible working hours, excellent sick leave benefits, and a comprehensive package featuring social security insurance, housing funds and supplementary medical insurance. Employees can also take advantage of enriching team building activities, a regular promotion system and systematic career development planning.

At the same time, to ensure you’re healthy and happy, Genecast covers the costs for annual physical check ups and psychological counseling.

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  • R&D Center

    Beijing HealthWork Industrial Park

    Suite 903-908, HealthWork, No. 35 Huayuan North Rd., Haidian District, Beijing

  • Med Lab

    Beijing Yizhuang Economic Development Zone

    Suite 101, Unit 3, Building 7, No. 88 Kechuang 6th Street, Beijing

  • Manufacturing Base

    National Medicine High-tech Industrial Development Zone

    2nd Floor, Building 73, West Koutai Road, Chinese Medical City, Taizhou

Suite 903-908, HealthWork, No. 35 Huayuan North Rd., Haidian District, Beijing

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