Genecast Biotechnology Accredited by America’s CAP


Genecast’s Headquarters Laboratory (hereinafter referred to as “Genecast Lab”) recently underwent a full-day on-site inspection by specialists from the College of American Pathologists (CAP), an authoritative international clinical laboratory quality accreditation organization. Dr. Guang Fan, one of the inspection specialists, carried out a rigorous and comprehensive review of the laboratory. The scope of the review included sample acceptance, internal quality control (QC), external quality assurance (EQA), bioinformatics analysis, personnel management, and laboratory safety, among other factors. With a grading of excellent, the evaluation results demonstrated that Genecast Lab fully meets the requirements of the CAP. Consequently, Genecast Lab can now boast that it is CAP Accredited.

CAP Accreditation affirms that Genecast Lab offers excellence in standardization and accuracy of quality management systems and experimental technology. It is now officially a leading and focal laboratory for the testing of tumor molecular markers and a provider of high-quality, detection services, all at international levels.

“Genecast has always been committed to providing oncologists and patients with higher quality, more accurate clinical testing services and superior technology,” said Dr. Haibo Wang, CEO of Genecast Lab. “High-level bioinformatics analysis, professional medical interpretation, as well as comprehensive, strict and standard quality management guarantee that the lab can do so. We are delighted with the CAP Accreditation. It’s the best possible recognition of Genecast Lab, of its technicians and of our quality management. Pursuing our mission of precision in medical care, we will continue to engage in innovation and exploration, and strive for excellence. We’re also looking forward to serving more clinicians with Genecast’s precision testing, so doing, making an important contribution in the process of obtaining precise diagnosis and treatment for cancer patients, and improving their quality of life.”