Precision Diagnosis and Treatment for Cancer

—— precision medication guidelines for non-small cell lung cancer
Indication: non-small cell lung cancer

Relationship between cancer treatment and genetic testing

The Role of Gene Sequencing

Detection of targeted drug targets

Patients can choose genetic testing before they use targeted drugs, thus individualized treatment of cancer can be achieved to improve the efficacy of medication and reduce expenses.

Clinical Evidence

8 genes related to non-small cell lung cancer treatment recommended by NCCN guideline

Advantages and characteristics

—— precision medication guidelines for non-small cell lung cancer

Langshibo is a product with precision medication guideline tailored for NSCLC patients;

Langshibo conducts gene testing by next generation sequencing (NGS) method with peripheral blood or tissue sample;

The sensitivity of targeted drug can be explained by clinical evidence, hence guide the choice of tumor targeted drugs

Technical Advantages

  • Higher sensitivity/specificity

    Enrichment of gene specific ctDNA

    Methylation analysis scheme

    Analysis models targeted different types of cancers

  • Higher accuracy

    0.5%-0.01% detection limit

    Systematicquality control process

  • Faster

    7-10 natural days of reporting time

    Automatic clinical analysis/decision-making

    Analysis models targeted different types of cancers

  • Lower cost

    Continuous effort for cost optimization

  • Strong clinical relevance

    Accumulation and optimization of genetic database

    Meet clinic needs for reporting and technical support

  • Integrated view for doctors

    Integrated solution to clinical problems

    Additional scientific research

Specific Fragment Targeted Sequencing (SFTSTM) platform can detect multiple genes and different variant types at same time, and provide quantitatively meaningful results

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